Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels on a home's roof is a straightforward process that generally takes one day to complete.

Installation Process

We provide a quick, smooth and quality solar panel installation process.

The Design

The installation process begins with creating a design that will maximize solar output and accommodate any placement requirements from the homeowner, city, and homeowner’s associations.

Mounting Hardware

After the design is approved and permits are received, our crews prepare the roof for the installation by installing mounting hardware.

Secure The Panels

The solar panels are then secured to the roof with mounting brackets and connected to the home's existing electrical system. Once the panels are secured, our electricians will run the necessary wiring from the solar panels to the home's electrical panel. 

Double Check Connections

We then double check all connections and work with your utility provider to get permission to turn the system on. After the installation is complete and the system is turned on, you will begin to enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable, and affordable energy.


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